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    Corporate Profile

    Nisshin Kogyo was founded in 1922 as the pioneer in manufacturing of waterproof materials in Japan. Since then, for over 90 years, the company has been well received by the customers with the merchandise such as asphalt waterproof roofing with brand name of “Maruesu” and “Kappa”.

    Company NameNISSHIN KOGYO CO., LTD.
    Head Office2-23-4 Senju-Azuma, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0025, Japan
    Head Office
    FoundationOctober, 1922
    EstablishmentJuly 1st, 1943
    Capital88 million yen
    Annual Turn Over (2019)11.4 billion yen
    Number of Employees293
    Company DirectorsKimitaka Sohdai, Chairman
    Yukihiro Sohdai, President
    Tsukasa Sugano, Senior Managing Director
    Hideharu Koketsu, Managing Director
    Toshiaki Eguchi, Director
    Number of Offices and Sales Agents10 Sales Offices in main cities in Japan. 150 Agents throughout Japan for sales and construction of waterproof works.
    Manufacturing Facilities (ground areas)Saitama Plant (55,297m2)、
    Yamagata Plant (47,084m2)
    Major Product LinesAsphalt Waterproof Materials, Polymer Modified Asphalt Waterproof Materials.
    Waterproof Sheet (Synthetic Rubber Type, PVC Type).
    Waterproof Coating Materials (Polyurethane Type).
    Polymer Modified Asphalt Sealing Materials.
    Roof Underlayment.
    Asphalt Shingles.
    Raised Floor Systems, Green Roof Systems.
    Highly Reflective Painting.
    Heat Insulation Materials.
    《New Products》
    Eco-friendly asphalt waterproof materials and systems: Unique and innovative asphalt waterproof materials and application system: This new system can be applied by low, normal temperature and can eliminate smell and smoke of asphalt for environmental circumstances.
    Major BanksResona Bank, Limited.
    MUFG Bank, Ltd.
    OthersGreen Mark:
    Nisshin Kogyo has obtained Green Mark for their traditional and integrated production system of recycling waste paper to manufacture of roofing materials.
    Training School for waterproof roofing application:
    Established by Nisshin to bring up skilled applicator for waterproof works, approved by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1997 as vocational training school.
    Architectural Design Competition:
    Held by Nisshin since 1974 and many young and promising architects have been turned out from this competition and now actively working at the industry.
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